What is Sixzee?

Sixzee is a brand new dice game developed by for Sixzee is very similar to another very popular dice game, Yahtzee, so if you love Yahtzee, you will love Sixzee!

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What makes Sixzee so compelling?

Sixzee improves upon already very popular game mechanics; rolling dice and pushing your luck. But Sixzee makes sure you always have interesting, and often difficult, choices.

Each turn is a balance between trying to score as heavily as possible, keeping as many options open as possible, and choosing which bonuses to target. As the game progresses your options will narrow, especially if you took the easier choices early-on.

Do you take that safe option or do you go for the big score? It's really up to you!

The bonuses are key

The score card is split into four sections, each with its own bonus: numbers, of-a-kinds, pairs or triples, and the straights. You will automatically score a bonus when you complete an entire section. But here's the catch: each section has at least one difficult challenge. If you go for it but miss, what will you do with the bad roll?

As the game progresses you will find that you're running out of time to hit all the difficult options. You have to decide what to cut whilst still scoring as many points as possible.

How many people can play?

From one to many! Sixzee is fast and makes for a great solitaire gam, trying to beat your own highest score each game! But ultimately, it is fun to win against other people, so you can play with as many players as you have available. Either take turns to roll and score on your own score sheet, or if you have hordes of dice then play your turns simultaneously and see who can score the most!

How and where to play sixzee

Sixzee is a exclusive so you may either click here now to play sixzee online at or you can play offline by downloading the rules and scoresheet for sixzee and getting hold of 6 x six-sided dice, a pen and just have a go right away!

Good luck!